Mailing Lists

The Ensembl Genomes database has been created using code originally developed by the Ensembl project. Whereas Ensembl concentrates on vertebrate species, Ensembl Genomes focuses on non-vertebrate species. Ensembl Genomes is an open collaborative project. We are informal and coordinate much of our work by open e-mail lists. There are two mailing lists on Ensembl, also available for our Ensembl Genomes users.

Ensembl Mailing Lists

A low volume mailing list used to announce major updates and major releases. [Old archive] [New archive]
A high volume mailing list for Ensembl development, open to all. [Old archive] [New archive]

This is a mailing list with all the Ensembl developers and people who are just tracking the project. We would encourage people to take questions and suggestions of small collaborations to ensembl-dev. Internally we discuss all requests across all team members who are relevant.

Please see below for detailed posting guidelines for the dev list, which we expect all users of the list to adhere to.

To subscribe to either of these lists, you can

  1. Visit and follow the online instructions
  2. Or, send a blank email toas appropriate (any content in the email will be ignored)

Ensembl dev posting guidelines

The Ensembl dev mailing list ( is a forum for users of the Ensembl API, website and data including users maintaining Ensembl mirrors, or developing applications based on the Ensembl code. All API/web installation questions, issues, possible bugs or other Ensembl code related queries are appropriate for this forum.

Please keep in mind that many of the users posting here are volunteering their expertise. While help is happily provided, there is an expectation that users will spend the necessary time learning the system from the available documentation.

General information

  • Before posting users are encouraged to search the dev list archives. Additional information including specific help for the API and our FAQ are available online.
  • Choose a meaningful subject for your message.
  • Ensembl also provides user support via the Ensembl and Ensembl Genomes helpdesks. Questions sent to these addresses are not sent to the general dev list, but may be used as the basis of or FAQ entries, blog posts or other documentation.

Specific information

  • If you are posting a question about the Ensembl API, please provide the API version that you are using, which is found via Bio::EnsEMBL::ApiVersion
      use Bio::EnsEMBL::ApiVersion;  printf( "The API version used is %s\n", software_version() );

    A short code snippet illustrating a problem is very useful too.
  • Questions about installation of an Ensembl and Ensembl Genomes web site should include information about the OS used and any applicable error messages.
  • Questions about Ensembl and Ensembl Genomes data should include the release number. Database version can be found in the database name or via the schema_version entry in the meta table.

Administrative guidelines

  • Please keep messages on the list so that others can benefit from the discussion. All Ensembl and Ensembl Genomes team members will reply to the dev list andd ev messages should not be sent directly to members of the Ensembl team.
  • Normal standards of professional behaviour are expected in all messages. Comments that are deemed rude or insulting are not acceptable.
  • Uninvited off-list contact for commercial or other purposes is not acceptable.
  • Messages sent to will be archived. These are indexed and searchable via sources such as Google.
  • Job postings for Ensembl project positions at the EBI may be occasionally be sent to the list. Other jobs postings are not appropriate for the list.