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PhytoPath integrates genome-scale data from plant pathogen species with literature-curated information about the phenotypes of host infection. Using the Ensembl Genomes browser, it provides access to complete genome assembly and gene models of priority crop and model-fungal, oomycete and bacterial phytopathogens. PhytoPath also links genes to disease progression using data from the curated PHI-base resource.


PhytoPath is funded by a grant from the Bioinformatics and Biological Resources Fund of the United Kingdom Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (grant number BB/I001077/1 from November 15th 2010 to November 15th 2013 and grant number K021201/1 from November 16th 2013) to the European Bioinformatics Institute and Rothamsted Research (from July 2010-July 2013).