Release cycle

Ensembl Genomes is updated regularly with new data including new genomes, assemblies and gene models, and updates and additions to existing data sets. This frequently includes changes to cross-genome analysis such as comparative genomics. In addition, each release brings with it various improvements and enhancements to the Ensembl software platform and the customisations made to support the needs of Ensembl Genomes data and users. Each Ensembl Genomes release is numbered consecutively using a separate numbering system from Ensembl. However, the Ensembl version number is also included in most Ensembl Genomes databases. For instance, release 21 of Ensembl Genomes was built using the software and database schemata from Ensembl release 74.

There are four or five Ensembl Genomes releases per year, and they are scheduled to follow approximately two weeks following a release of Ensembl. Details of the planned changes for each release are published on the Ensembl Genomes website approximately two/three months prior to the planned release date (e.g. release 22), and sent to the Ensembl mailing lists. These release intentions describe what is planned for each division. Please note that intentions do not always exactly match the final released project as some changes cannot be made or additional changes need to be made after intentions are published. For details of planned changes to the Ensembl platform for the corresponding release, please visit

When a new Ensembl Genomes release is made, an announcement is posted to the Ensembl mailing lists and full detailed made available on the Ensembl Genomes website and on the Ensembl blog. This includes a general overview, highlights of the releases, and detailed notes of changes made (e.g. release 21). For each division, the corresponding details are posted to the corresponding site e.g. Changes made to the corresponding version of the Ensembl platform are available from