Designing Future Wheat

The development of resources for wheat is funded by the BBSRC-funded Designing Future Wheat ISP.

Triticeae Genomics For Sustainable Agriculture

Wheat genomics resources are developed as part of our involvement in the consortium Triticeae Genomics For Sustainable Agriculture, funded by the BBSRC, and led by TGAC.
This consortium is a BBSRC strategic longer and larger (sLoLa) grant award that brings together experts in genomics and bioinformatics from four world-leading, UK based institutes: The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC), John Innes Centre (JIC), European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) and Rothamsted Research (RRes).

In addition to contributing to the international effort to sequence the bread wheat genome, it also aims to:

  • identify gene variation in wild relatives, ancestral species and mutant lines
  • make the sequence data and an analysis “toolbox” freely available to users world-wide