Programmatic access

In addition to the web browser, the Ensembl platform provides a variety of different ways to work with Ensembl Genomes data programmatically.

REST service

Data can be accessed programatically through the REST service, which provides language-independent access to Ensembl Genomes.

Ensembl Perl API

Another well-established interface to Ensembl Genomes data is the Ensembl Perl API, which provides a comprehensive set of interfaces for accessing Ensembl Genomes data from Perl scripts and applications.

MySQL database access

Most Ensembl Genomes data is stored in MySQL relational databases, which can be accessed directly, though the use of the Ensembl Perl API or REST service is recommended.

External APIs

APIs have also been developed by third parties to allow Ensembl Genomes data to be accessed with other languages. Please note that Ensembl Genomes do not provide support for these and the links below are provided for information only: