Using your own data

Custom Tracks

Many genome browser views allow you to add your own custom data tracks. We support a range of data formats such as GFF, BED, WIG and BAM, see Supported file formats for a full list.

To attach or upload a custom track, click the Add your data button at the left of the view (which reads Manage your data if you already have added custom data) and upload or attach a file in the resulting window.

It is also possible to attach data by creating a specific URL for an Ensembl Genomes page that includes the location of your data file.

See the Adding Custom Tracks documentation in the genome browser for more details.

Variant Effect Predictor (VEP)

The Ensembl VEP tool allows you to upload your variants (SNPs, insertions, deletions, CNVs or structural variants) and see the predicted effect on genes, transcripts, and protein sequence, as well as regulatory regions.

The VEP is available for bacteria, protists, fungi, plants and invertebrate metazoa; click on the links to get started. More documentation is available on the Ensembl site.

Track Hubs

Track Hubs are web-accessible directories of genomic data that can be visualised in genome browsers. Originally developed as part of the UCSC genome browser, they are now supported by Ensembl. Track Hubs allow data from multiple tracks to be linked together and included in the browser.

For more information about Track Hubs, and how to set them up, see the documentation at the UCSC site. For information on how to import Track Hubs into an Ensembl view, read more here.