Release notes from previous releases

Ensembl Genomes Release 21 Notes

  • Released 17th December 2013
  • Updated to Ensembl 74 software
  • Updated of pan homology comparative genomics database to include latest versions of genomes from Ensembl and Ensembl Genomes, including the addition of:
    • Emiliana huxleyi
    • Tribolium castaneum




  • New genomes
  • Updated data
    • Updated pairwise alignments for Alveolates, Stramenopiles and Kinetoplastida
    • Updated peptide comparative genomics database
    • Updated BioMart


  • Updated genomes
  • New data
  • Updated data
    • Updated gene-trees to include bread wheat gene models.
    • Updated (TREP) repeat analysis for wheat and barley genomes.
    • Updated functional domain (InterPro) and ontology (InterPro2GO) annotation.
    • Updated biomarts.


  • New and updated genomes
    • Release 21 of Ensembl Bacteria has been loaded from EMBL-Bank release 117 into 42 multispecies Ensembl v74 databases. The current dataset contains 9,764 genomes (9,515 bacteria and 249 archaea) containing 33,847,755 protein coding genes loaded from 981,558 INSDC entries. This release includes 678 new genomes, 15 genomes with updated assemblies, 814 genomes with updated annotation, 362 genomes where the assigned name has changed, and 4 genomes removed since the last release.
  • Updated data
    • Updated gene families
    • Cross-references to PHI-base