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Ensembl Genomes Release 40 Notes

  • Released 17th July 2018
  • Update to Ensembl 93 software
  • Removal of MySQL databases from release 31 from the public MySQL server


  • Updated data‚Äč
    • Updated gene trees and homologies
      • Note: This release does not include Gene Order Conservation scores, which will affect the assertion or high confidence orthologs.
    • Updated cross references
    • Updated BioMarts


  • Genomes
    • 811 genomes in total from 523 species
  • Updated data
    • Updated protein domain information based on latest InterProScan
    • Updated BioMarts


  • Genomes
    • 189 genomes in total from 119 species
  • Updated gene annotation
    • Leishmania major (GCA_000002725.2)
  • Updated data
    • Updated compara for 119 species
    • Updated protein domain information based on latest InterProScan
    • Updated BioMarts


  • New genomes
    • Release 40 of Ensembl Plants will host the latest wheat assembly from the IWGSC (IWGSC RefSeq v1.0 and IWGSC RefSeq annotation v1.0). Current data includes:
      • The Axiom 820K SNP Array from CerealsDB.
      • EMS-induced mutations from sequenced TILLING populations (Kronos and Cadensa).
      • Assembly to assembly mapping and gene ID mapping to the previous TGAC v1 assembly and annotation.
      • Whole genome alignments to rice, brachypodium and barley.
    • This release will also bring in more sequenced plant genomes from INSDC using a 'direct import' method developed with ENA.
      If a plant genome is submitted to INSDC along with AGP and gene models, it can be added it to Ensembl Plants!
  • Updated genomes
  • Updated data
    • The updated genomes will include updated Whole Genome Alignments and Assembly To Assembly Mapping data.
    • Updated gene trees and homologies
    • Updated protein features
    • Updated BioMarts



  • 44,046 genomes (43,552 bacteria and 494 archaea) from 8244 species
  • No significant updates since the last release