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What type of data is available under the 'Location' tab of Ensembl Genomes and how can I change it?

In the 'Location' tab, you can browse genes, variations, sequence conservation, and other types of annotation along the genome. The 'Region in detail' is a highly configurable and scalable view, and you can choose what to see by clicking on the 'Configure this page' button at the bottom of the left-hand menu, after which you will be able to select the type of data you want to have included in the display. Data from the following categories can be easily added or removed from this 'Location' tab view: 'Sequence and assembly', 'Genes and transcripts', 'mRNA and protein alignments', 'Other DNA alignments', 'Germline variation', 'Comparative genomics', among others. You can also change the display options such as the width. A further option allows you to reset the configuration back to the default settings. Upload your own data to this view as a BAM file, VCF file or another format.

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