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How can I view my data in Ensembl Genomes?

If you want to view features for which you have genomic coordinates, you can use the 'Add your data' tool button to display your features in the Ensembl Genomes browser. Popular pages for this are Region in detail, Region overview, and the Karyotype. Alternatively, if you have sequence variants you may want to analyse them with our Variant Effect Predictor (VEP) tool, available for bacteria, protists, fungi, plants and invertebrate metazoa.

You can upload a file, attach a DAS source, or attach data using a URL.

There are many supported file formats you can use, namely BED, BedGraph, GFF/GTF, PSL, WIG, and our newest allowed format BAM for sequencing reads. The EBI provides an easydas interface to create a DAS source (without having to know any programming).

Once you have uploaded or attached data to Ensembl already, the "Add your data button" will change to "Manage your data". Did you know you can share your customised view with collaborators?

Did you know that if you register (registration is free) to Ensembl genomes, you can log in and save your data for access from any computer?

Have a look at these upload exercises to go through some examples of viewing your own data in Ensembl.

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