The Blumeria graminis genome has been completely re-annotated by members of the B. graminis community with the support of Ensembl Genomes. This curation effort has resulted in several improvements to the gene set including the addition of UTRs to gene models, correction of gene boundaries and exons, and the discovery of nearly 650 new genes. View this gene set in Ensembl Genomes.

Databases for Ensembl Genomes 39 are not yet available on our public MySQL server. We anticipate that these will be made available early next week. In the meantime, you can find complete MySQL dumps of all our databases on our FTP site.

posted 2018-04-19

The VEP tool is temporarily disabled for all divisions, due to hardware problems. VEP functionality should be restored by Monday 23 April.

posted 2018-04-19

Ensembl Genomes now has archive sites for all divisions. These can be found at the following URLs:

The archive sites will allow researchers to access data from old releases via our web-based tools, and additionally will be able to display track hubs containing alignments and features located on older versions of genome assemblies that have since been upgraded in the live site. Archive sites will be searchable and BioMarts will be available where they were produced for the site when live. Schema and API versions for archive sites will be the same as when the data was released, i.e. archive sites will not be updated to use the most recent versions. Ensembl tools will not be active in the initial release, but we are hoping to enable these shortly; likewise, archival REST servers will not initially be available, but will be added in future. Major bugs (i.e. those impeding the usability of the site) will be fixed, but minor bugs will not be.

The first release of the archive sites contains content from release 37. New archive sites will be released at least once a year, under URLs indicating the date of first release of the data they contain. The previously existing archive for Ensembl Plants,, will continue to be available at this URL, but also as, in accordance with the new naming scheme. As previously, data from all recent releases will continue to be available for download at

posted 2017-11-07

Ensembl Genomes is developed by EMBL-EBI and is powered by Ensembl software system for the analysis and visualisation of genomic data. For details of our funding please click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are now available for all domains of Ensembl Genomes. Have a question? Check if it's been asked before! If there is a FAQ missing, contact us.

This release of Ensembl Bacteria has no significant updates.

This release of EnsemblFungi contains updated data for 12 species along with updated peptide comparative genomics, gene families and BioMarts. There are a total of 811 genomes from 523 species.

This release of Ensembl Metazoa includes two new species, the planktonic crustacean Daphnia magna and the stalk-eyed fly Teleopsis dalmanni.

This release of Ensembl Plants includes updated gene names for O. sativa, and 26 new and updated functional genomic databases (example for Arabidopsis).

In addition polyploid view for wheat has been enabled, allowing users to view alignments between all 3 wheat components simultaneously.

This release of EnsemblProtists contains an updated assembly and annotation for Toxoplasma gondii ME49 (from ToxoDB release 36) along with updated peptide comparative genomics, gene families and BioMarts. There are a total of 189 genomes from 119 species.

Release notes from previous releases