Ensembl Genomes Archive Sites Now Available

Ensembl Genomes now has a new set of archive sites from July 2018. These can be found at the following URLs.






The archive sites allow researchers to access data from old releases via our web-based tools, and additionally will be able to display track hubs containing alignments and features located on older versions of genome assemblies that have since been upgraded in the live site. Archive sites will be searchable and BioMarts will be available where they were produced for the site when live. Schema and API versions for archive sites will be the same as when the data was released.

posted 2017-11-07

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What's New in Release 41 (September 2018)

This release of Ensembl Bacteria contains updated annotations regarding pathogen-host interactions from PHI-base.

This bumper release of Ensembl Fungi contains a fresh import of fungal genomes from the ENA and an updated gene set from SGD for Saccharomyces cerevisiae, bringing the total number of genomes to 1023. Over 200 new fungal genomes have been integrated from ENA, ranging from the beautiful honey mushroom Armillaria gallica to Puccinia coronata, a new and fast spreading pathogen of barley and oats. These genomes have been put through a revised pipeline that has annotated over 150 species with pathogen-host interaction data from PHI-base. There is also an updated peptide compara with a subset of 480 species chosen from across the fungal taxonomic groups and an updated pan-taxonomic compara. The previous release of EnsemblFungi (40) has been archived at eg40-fungi.ensembl.org.

  • Updated data‚Äč
    • Updated BioMarts
  • New data
    • GOC and WGA scores are available again

Release 41 of Ensembl Plants adds a second polyploid genome, the wild relative of durum wheat, Triticum dicoccoides (emmer wheat GCA_002162155.1). Comparative analysis against Triticum aestivum (bread wheat, GCA_900519105.1) and the other triticeae as well as more than 50 other plants species can be accessed via the browser, including the new gene gain/loss trees. The legume Vigna radiata (mungbean, GCA_000741045.2) has been added, as well as whole genome alignments between all six legume genomes to Medicago truncatula (GCA_000219495.2).

This release updates the Ensembl Plants repeat feature annotation, adding repeat feature classification using REdat and REcat, thanks to the Ensembl Geek for a Week programme and Joris Argentin.

This release of Ensembl Protists contains updated annotations regarding pathogen-host interactions from PHI-base, a new run of InterProScan and updated BioMarts.

Release notes from previous releases