A new assembly of Triticum aestivum cv. Chinese Spring (bread wheat) is now available in Ensembl Plants. The assembly and gene model annotation has been generated by The Earlham Institute, formerly The Centre for Genome Analysis (TGAC). Read more...

The previous wheat assembly (IWGSC CSS) and every other plant from release 31 is available in the new Ensembl Plants archive site: http://archive.plants.ensembl.org/

New track hubs have been created for more than 900 public RNA-Seq studies, totaling more than 16,000 tracks across 35 plant species (read more).

Service availability 26th-30th August

Some Ensembl Genomes services will be unavailable from approximately 14.00BST on Friday 26th August to 14.00BST on Tuesday 30th August. The main websites will be unaffected but the FTP site and public MySQL server will be unavailable during this time. We apologise for any inconvenience this essential hardware maintenance may cause. E-mails sent to our helpdesk during this time will be held, but no responses sent until Tuesday.

posted 2016-07-20
Please take our user survey!

We're surveying our users to find out more about what you use Ensembl Genomes for, what we do well and what we could do better. The survey should take up only a few minutes of your time, and your answers will be very useful to us: please follow the link to participate https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HV5T5HZ and feel free to share the link with other users of our service. Thank you!

posted 2015-05-06
Change to BLAST service

From release 27 onwards, the Ensembl Genomes BLAST service uses NCBI Blast+ in place of WUBLAST. Please contact us if you have any questions about this change.

posted 2015-06-16
Change to BioMart mart names

The "virtual" mart names used to identify our live BioMarts will change in release 31 to no longer include the version e.g. protists_mart instead of protists_mart_31. This is to make re-use of URLs etc. easier.

posted 2016-01-11
MySQL database retention policy

As the amount of data in each release of Ensembl Genomes increases, it has become necessary to restrict the number of past releases available on our public MySQL server (mysql-eg-publicsql.ebi.ac.uk).

Shortly before the release 27 of Ensembl Genomes in June 2015, all databases from all releases prior to release 18 will be removed. With each subsequent release, data from the oldest release will be removed at release time, leaving data from the most recent 10 releases only. The removal of each release will be announced with the intentions for the new release approximately 2 months in advance.

Please note that the data available from our FTP site will be unaffected by this change in policy, with data from all releases of Ensembl Genomes remaining available in all supported formats, including full MySQL dumps.

posted 2015-03-25

Future releases

Release 33 of Ensembl Genomes is scheduled for 4th October 2016. For more details, see the release intentions.

Ensembl Genomes is developed by EMBL-EBI and is powered by Ensembl software system for the analysis and visualisation of genomic data. For details of our funding please click here.

Have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are now available for all domains of Ensembl Genomes. Have a question? Check if it's been asked before! If there is a FAQ missing, contact us.

What's New in Release 32 (August 2016)

Ensembl Bacteria has been updated to include the latest versions of 41,610 genomes (41,198 bacteria and 412 archaea) from the INSDC archives.

Ensembl Fungi has been updated to include 634 genomes from 388 species.

Rfam covariance models have been aligned against all metazoan genomes, and are shown in the 'Rfam models' track in the genome browser.

Release 32 of Ensembl Plants contains a new assembly of the bread wheat genome (TGACv1), an updated Zea mays assembly (AGPv4) and five new genomes including those of Beta vulgaris (sugar beat), Brassica napus (rapeseed) and Trifolium pratense (red clover). We have also launched a new archive site, where we will keep selected previous releases of Ensembl Plants publicly available. The first release available on the archive site is release 31, and includes the previous assemblies for wheat and maize. See the release notes for more details.

Ensembl Protists has been updated to include 178 genomes from 114 species.

Release notes from previous releases